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Structured Cabling for the Greater Spokane Area Network Systems

When it comes to telecommunications and networking systems, having the properly structured cabling installed is crucial to their success. Whether your system requires voice or data (Category 5E, Category 6) cabling, Tel-West is equipped to handle the installation and provide ongoing support for all your structured cabling system needs in the Greater Spokane Area.

Our Structured Cabling Installation Process

Step 1

During your initial consultation, Tel-West will gain a better understanding of your current network system, assessing your objectives and any plans for future growth in order to recommend the right type of structured cabling for your system’s needs.

Step 2

Relying upon over 25 years of industry experience, we’ll then develop a sound strategy for your network system’s cabling. You can rest assured we’ll devise a plan to offer you maximum performance output and seamless operations.

Step 3

Working with architects, contractors, and other professionals, Tel-West will manage every aspect of your project down to the minute details, so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Step 4

We’ll install and test your structured cabling to ensure successful implementation. We’ll also provide thorough documentation to help you monitor and maintain your system going forward.

data cables

Benefits of Having Tel-West Handle Your Structured Cabling

There are many benefits to having Tel-West install the structured cabling for your system, including:

  • We take care of everything from your structured cabling system design to its installation, no matter how large or small the job is
  • We’ll help you determine the proper type of cabling for your system, showing you how an increased data speed could help you boost your overall productivity
  • We also provide compliance testing for your peace of mind
  • Should your business ever expand, we’ll help you adjust your network accordingly with as minimal disruption to your business and workflow as possible

Why Networks Need Structured Cabling

You may be asking yourself why you need a structured cabling system for your network. The simplest answer is that a structured cabling system provides peace of mind for individuals and businesses. You can avoid hours of headaches and troubleshooting by streamlining your network with the same structured cabling system for your phone, Ethernet, and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).

Whenever you need to relocate or add equipment to your home or business office set-up, a structured cabling system makes that process a whole lot easier. You can also easily change vendors and add features like video conferencing, multimedia and more as your operation expands. Even when properly installed, cabling sometimes fail. However, it’s usually easier to find and fix the issues when you have a structured cabling system in place. Contact Tel-West today to learn more about structured cabling systems in the Greater Spokane Area. We’re here to help!

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